About me

I am an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Michigan – Flint.  I received my PhD at Florida International University studying under Dr. Ron Fisher.  I am an experimental psychologist focusing on applying principles of cognitive and social psychology to legal and forensic contexts.  More specifically, I’ve done work in studying deception, investigative interviewing, eyewitness memory, and most recently lone offender terrorism.

Courses I teach

PSY 100 – Principles of Psychology

An introductory psychology course designed to give students a survey of the field, major research areas, and theoretical orientations.

PSY 317 – Cognitive Psychology

This course will introduce students to the field of cognitive psychology.  Areas including memory, neurology, reasoning, perception and the nature of consciousness will be discussed.

PSY 401 – Advanced Research Topics in Psychology

My sections of PSY 401 will focus on forensic and legal psychology.  We will discuss how psychological principles can help us understand, critique, and ultimately improve our legal and intelligence systems.  As a capstone course students will also be expected to research a novel topic within the area of forensic and legal psychology.

Letter of Recommendation Policy

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Contact Info

Email: petermol@umflint.edu
Phone: +1 (810) 762 3424
530 French Hall
Psychology Department
University of Michigan – Flint
Flint, MI 48502